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I chose the hair industry with my love to connect with people. Creating long-lasting relationships while providing luxury extensions and dreamy, lived-in colored hair. I have always had an eye for style and love taking inspiration from art, and fashion to create unique custom results. You'll find me always checking out the new trends and pulling inspiration to bring into the studio.

Growing up I always struggled with my hair. I have very curly, dry, brittle hair which was the opposite of everything I wanted. I would see girls with long, healthy, full, beautiful hair and just prayed maybe one day that could be me. Social media didn't help! I tried so many methods, hair supplements, and honestly everything I could. Once I tried IBE I was forever changed. I got the long, beautiful hair I've always wanted with an added bonus of my natural hair started to grow and thrive on its own. 

Hannah Murray


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Apply. Fill out out the extension application form you can find here. Each guest is required to go through this application process.


Consultation. Meet in person or through a virtual consultation, only to make sure we are a good fit! This allows us to have the best foundation for our relationship together.


Damn Good Results. It's as simple as that.... walk away with your dream hair.

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